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Why Should I Use Placements in Education? (especially if I have someone in charge of HR already)

Posted: 16-09-2015

Research into teacher effectiveness shows that

  • The effect of teaching on student learning is greater than student ethnicity or family income, school attended by student, or class size.
  • The effect is stronger for poor and/or minority students than for their more affluent and/or white peers, although all groups benefit from effective teachers.
  • The effects accumulate over the years.

What can schools do to ensure that they appoint talented teachers to their vacancies? We believe that the best option is to use Placements in Education to locate the staff you need. Our reasons:

  1. For every teaching job advertised an average of 66% of the applications are unsuitable, and at least 60% are either false or have omissions. If school HR receives applications they have to read through reams of bumph, check everything, and probably respond to every single applicant – which is time consuming and soul destroying; while HR is checking, another school is employing the candidate your want. If you use Placements in Education we check – all you do is interview.
  2. Placements in Education is a Recruitment Specialist – HR Managers are generalists, handling contracts, legal compliance, and internal HR matters. We receive feedback from Principals of schools on teachers they have appointed – the good, the bad and the dreadful! To attract the top teaching talent to your school use a Specialist.
  3. Recruitment Agencies give your job search Extended Reach! Placements in Education reaches communities of teachers who are off your radar, don’t visit your website, and have never heard of your school. This strengthens diversity in your teaching staff, and gives the school the best possible opportunity to hire top staff
  4. Placements in Education’s Social Media and Webpage enable us to make contact with Candidates who were not considering a move – until we approached them!
  5. Placements in Education only serves education institutions, we understand staffing trends in education, where there is an oversupply or shortage of specific teachers, and salaries being paid. We have developed a recruitment cycle which can assist schools in setting deadlines to hire the best staff for the new academic year.
  6. Recruitment fees are reasonable compared with the time taken to advertise, receive CVs, screen and check references on hundreds of CVs in house.

We have been supplying staff to schools for 20 years. We know

  • we send our Clients excellent candidates
  • for part time and full time posts
  • throughout the academic year
  • saving our clients time and money

Give us a ring on 0117944993 – there is no charge for trying out the service!

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