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Recruiting teaching staff for South Africa and overseas
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Our Working Structure

Alison Papenfus is the CEO and Director of Placements in Education. She holds an MSc and Higher Diploma in Education. She has 12 years high school teaching experience, including 2 years as a School Principal and 5 years as Director of an association of non-racial Independent Schools in Southern Africa during the apartheid era.

Alison handles:

  • Promotion Posts - Deputy Principal, Principal, Director
  • Posts outside South Africa
  • Senior Posts in South Africa requiring a background and qualification in an area of education
  • Consulting projects within the broad field of education

Primrose Mathe joined Placements in Education in 2001 and is the Chief School Consultant at Placements in Education. Primrose is studying for her B Com through UNISA.

Primrose handles teaching posts in South Africa for:

  • Foundation phase
  • Intermediate Phase
  • High School

Annette Richardson joined Placements in Education in 2001, and is the Accountant for the company.

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