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CV Writing Services

Is your CV attractive to employers? Does it make them want to interview you more than the other fifty applicants on their desk? Because if not your chances of getting a job are slim to nothing. We can help you get a Job-Winning CV!

You’ve heard that Professional CV writing services are REALLY expensive, right? Not here. We specialize in CVs for Professional Staff – we have done for over

So how does it work?

First – choose the person you would like to help you!

Primrose Mathe is a senior recruitment specialist, she works directly with clients to help them find the staff they want. She knows what employers are looking for in a CV!

ask her for her Whatsapp number to make communications easy

Portia Maramaba is our applicant research specialist. About two hundred CVs of graduate professionals go through her experienced hands every month, and she only accepts the ones she likes! She can tell you what is missing from your CV and how it can attract more attention!

Ask her for her Whatsapp number to make communications easy

Alison Papenfus is a specialist in management appointments. She sits on committees which screen applications for senior appointments. She only assists with CVs of graduates with more than five years working experience.

Ask her for her Whatsapp number to make communications easy

Next Step: .

Contact the person you want to help you and talk to them – we are interested in you, we love seeing people get jobs! The Agent will ask you to:

  • Pay the assessment fee and include a POP so that we know it has been paid!
  • Send your CV as a fully-editable Word file
  • If you don’t have a CV your Agent will recommend that she designs your CV from scratch – so see "Design your CV" below.

As soon as the Assessment Fee is paid your agent will go to work on your CV. She will go through it and list all the changes that need to be made to make it top-notch! She will send you a list of those changes.
You can make the changes yourself! No further cost!
You can ask your Agent to re-design your CV for you.

If you want us to design or re-design your CV:
Talk to your Agent – she will

  • Explain the pricing structure
  • Ask you to pay the fee and send a POP
  • Refer you to a Web Page with CV Templates so you can choose the design you want.

If you are newly qualified or have less than five years work experience we recommend a two-page CV. Once you have more than five years work experience we will discuss the most appropriate length for your CV.

Assessment of your written CV
  • Students with no paid work experience R75.00 (20 mins)
  • People with 1-5 years work experience R140.00 (1h10mins)
  • More than 5 years work experience R180.00 (1 hr 30 min)
  • More than 15 years work experience R200.00 (1 hr 40 min)
Design or Redesign of your CV
  • Students with no paid work experience R250.00
  • People with 1-4 years work experience R400.00
  • People with 5-14 years work experience R600.00
  • Fifteen or more years work experience R800.00
Turnaround time: speak to your agent – when we are not super-busy
  • assessments in 24 hours,
  • CV in three days.
  • Emergency help? R250.00 surcharge for full CV with a 24 hour turnaround.
1 Having completed the initial assessment of your CV, the agent may decline to redesign your CV at her discretion.

Please be aware that your CV is a legal document. It is your responsibility to ensure that all the information on your CV is completely truthful, if anything on your CV is not truthful you lay yourself open to a criminal charge of fraud. Please check your CV carefully when the Agent has finished with it!

Edits and Changes

Once the Agent has sent you the CV you may send it back and ask for up to SEVEN changes (not more than 70 words). Additional changes will be charged.

Once you have your CV ...

We hold a monthly Zoom class on how to search for a job in South Africa. Attendance costs R350.00 per person, and you will require a CV and a printed edition of Job Mail to participate. Please speak to your agent if you would like to participate.

It’s YOU not your CV that the employer will hire!

When an employer likes your CV they will ask for an interview. These days the initial interview may well be on Zoom or Skype, so learn how to use them if you don’t already know!

Here is a list of RED FLAGS - things that really turn employers off during the interview process!

  • The applicant comes late
  • The applicant does not appear engaging, friendly, polite, neatly dressed and groomed
  • The applicant sits sloppily, forgets to turn off their phone and doesn’t look the interviewer in the eye (in some cultures this is rude, but in interviews you need to look people in the eye!)
  • The applicant talks too much
  • The applicant doesn’t pay attention to what the interviewer says – or doesn’t answer the question that is being asked
  • The applicant contradicts what is on their CV!!!!
  • The applicant gives one-word answers to questions
  • The applicant is critical of the employer or their company or their way of doing business
  • The applicant makes a big issue of salary (the impression is created that you want the salary not the job)
  • The applicant asks more than three questions of the interviewer at the end of the interview
  • Having been offered the job, the applicant asks for a higher salary than was discussed in the interview.

We look forward to seeing your CV and helping you through the recruitment process!

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