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Admin Staff for Schools and Colleges

Everyone in a school knows that a school need a really good School secretary. Because they have experienced what happens when they don’t have a good school secretary! Top notch people skills and excellent integrity are vital for a secretary in a school, and the same applies to:

  • The bursar
  • The Creditors’ Clerk
  • The Principal’s Secretary
  • The tea lady
  • The Facilities Manager (fancy new name for the Maintenance Man!)
  • The Cleaners
  • The Security Staff

We strongly recommend that you ask teachers and parents if there is anyone available in the community of the school to take up these jobs. But if you get stuck, Placements in Education always has applicants for these posts. Of course, the job description varies from school to school, so we have highly experienced people and youngsters who are bright, keen and will need some supervision. Most of the people we accept onto the database have experience working in schools, but we usually advertise these posts and always get “new blood” when we do. That means – you will have to train them in the way schools work!?

When we are looking for Support and Admin staff we screen out the people who don’t have the qualifications you need and check references before we send you the candidates. That means that, instead of looking at a hundred CVs you might look at four, and know that they are the right sort of person for what you need done. The job of the Principal is not to screen CVs – it’s to run a school. We know that – so make it easy on yourself!

If you got stuck looking for Support Staff or Admin Staff please give us a ring on 011 794 4993 or email us at

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