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The Characteristics of Unemployed Teachers

Posted: 12-07-2017
Alison Papenfus At Placements in Education we try to research why we don't manage to help candidates, and why they fail when they get a job. We took a small sample of experienced teachers who have been unable to find long term teaching jobs this year, and this is what we found. 33% of the sample have poor references from recent past employers. 11% of of the sample can not be contacted - they don't respond to phone calls, messages, SMS and email.

Finding a Teaching Job – Some tips and hints

Posted: 16-05-2017
Not so long ago, any teacher who was qualified in South Africa could find a teaching job. Not any more. Schools are fussier than ever – and there are plenty of teachers unemployed! How can you make sure that you get the interview – and the job? Job Hunting is not a one-off, so be prepared! Most people change their job on average every four years. So you know it will happen – be prepared for it.

Teaching Overseas - It's time to think about going

Posted: 01-12-2016
Alison PapenfusDecember 2016 In January 2017 South Africa will have the highest unemployment amongst teachers ever.From the look of it, more than 50% of unemployed teachers will be new graduates. The State has spent a fortune on their education, many of them have paid fees, and now – no job. In 2016 we had a lot of new graduates without teaching jobs in January, and by April almost all of them were employed.

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