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The Characteristics of Unemployed Teachers

Posted: 12-07-2017
Alison Papenfus At Placements in Education we try to research why we don't manage to help candidates, and why they fail when they get a job. We took a small sample of experienced teachers who have been unable to find long term teaching jobs this year, and this is what we found. 33% of the sample have poor references from recent past employers. 11% of of the sample can not be contacted - they don't respond to phone calls, messages, SMS and email.

Placements in Education - a Guide to Our Services

Posted: 16-05-2017
If you are in need of education staff - we are here to help. Here is what you need to do! Email Us Now   Phone 0117944993 and speak to anyone in the office about what you need! They will put you through to the right person! (or e mail Tell us what grades, what learning areas, where the school is - and we will go to work at once While we are searching the Database we will send you the Terms of Business which set out the fees - don’t worry, we know schools are not wealthy - the fees are affordable! As soon as we have a list of candidates for you, we will send you their written Profiles; we’ve checked at least one reference, so you can go ahead and chose the ones you like You go through the written profile and phone the Candidate ( that’s right - talk to them!) Interview the candidates you like the sound of Appoint the one you want - and tell us please so we don’t sent that candidate to anyone else! We bill you when they start! Simple, you say.

Finding a Teaching Job – Some tips and hints

Posted: 16-05-2017
Not so long ago, any teacher who was qualified in South Africa could find a teaching job. Not any more. Schools are fussier than ever – and there are plenty of teachers unemployed! How can you make sure that you get the interview – and the job? Job Hunting is not a one-off, so be prepared! Most people change their job on average every four years. So you know it will happen – be prepared for it.

Teaching Overseas - It's time to think about going

Posted: 01-12-2016
Alison PapenfusDecember 2016 In January 2017 South Africa will have the highest unemployment amongst teachers ever.From the look of it, more than 50% of unemployed teachers will be new graduates. The State has spent a fortune on their education, many of them have paid fees, and now – no job. In 2016 we had a lot of new graduates without teaching jobs in January, and by April almost all of them were employed.

And Speaking of … Blue Hair, Tongue Rings, Tattos and Dress Codes

Posted: 03-11-2016
Earlier this year we received a CV with a photo on it from a highly experienced teacher in a learning area where we are often short of candidates. We checked her out with the most recent employer, who is a good client, and he had nothing but praise for her as a teacher and administrator. Eight months later she still is not employed. Our worst case scenario for qualified and experienced teachers with good references is usually 60 days from CV to employment.

Language and Racism in Schools

Posted: 07-12-2015
Alison PapenfusNov 2015 A few months ago a Principal phoned me in a temper. The policy of his school is to actively encourage all learners to speak English on school property, a policy endorsed by the parents. He had called the Afrikaans Educators into his office to politely ask them to speak English in the staffroom, as there had been some grumbles that they were being given special treatment. Two of the Afrikaans teachers understood and complied.

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